I detest that people are silencing her: Pooja Bhatt on Tanushree Dutta


New Delhi, While refraining from taking sides in the Tanushree Dutta Nana Patekar controversy, Bollywood actor and filmmaker Pooja Bhatt has said that she detests the fact that people are silencing Tanushree. Speaking at the India Today conclave east 2018, Pooja, speaking on the controversy, said,’’there have been a set of people who have said that Nana is a thorough gentleman, others have said that he is a bully. But what I detest is that people are silencing Tanushree. She should be allowed to speak up. If you are sure about your truth, you need to go to the court. For every bully out there, someone needs to stand up for them.’’ On whether the things were changing in the film industry when it comes to sexual harassment faced by actresses, she said,’’things are changing but nothing changes until things change in your homes and bedrooms. It's important to air your frustrations. I think violence and abuse come in various forms. When a woman is in pain, that is held against you. When you speak uncomfortable truths in a world of lies, people tend to turn a deaf ear. Expecting people to take your hand when you are engulfed in your rage is naive, because no one will fight your battle for you. The change is that we talk about it more. but the life we preach and life we live are different realities. I think only when our homes are safe, the world will be safe because as we know 90 per cent abuse happens in homes.’’ Asked why she did not get any meaty roles in Bollywood, Pooja said,’’ I was a sex symbol by default. I was 23 when I decided to be a filmmaker because I was appalled by the work that was being offered to me. Directors had a problem about me asking for a script. They said, ‘Mahesh Bhatt ki beti hai islie dimaag kharab hai’ (She is Mahesh Bhatt’s daughter which is why she is showing attitude). But I ended up making a film like Tamanna. It was a flop but it got me a national award. After that I made films like Dushman, Zakhm and then Jism, which made more business than other films.’’ As a producer, she said that the credit for introducing Sunny Leone went to her. ‘’I introduced Sunny Leone to the nation. America did not accept her in mainstream cinema. I've seen mothers running up to her with babies, and Sunny told me that this would never happen in the US. They would have not accepted any adult star in films, but India accepted her,’’Pooja said.