IFFD to host India Runway Week Season 11 from Mar 29-31


New Delhi, The Indian Federation for Fashion Development (IFFD) is set to host season 11 with the extravagant three-day IFFD India Runway Week (IRW) from March 29 to 31st here. The IFFD's consistent fashion weeks are credited to organising back-to-back Summer and Festive fashion trade events as per national coherence with the fashion week calendar.  It leads the industry through creative influence and is strategically repositioning young Indian fashion in the national fashion economy. The IFFD, which aims to further the interests of the Indian fashion industry and its designer businesses by harnessing and sharing collective knowledge, experience and resources of the sector. The IFFD showcases the best of fresh Indian fashion design to local and international audiences including press and buyers. The IFFD brings together fashion brands that foster creation and international development. It seeks to promote Indian's fashion culture, where craft and creation have a major impact by combining traditional know how and contemporary technology at all times. 'The IFFD is also focusing more on the second show Area, Fashion Brooder Runway which is the only high tech show area in the country. It has 270 degree LED screen along with watchout technology. The concept behind this is to give each show of the fashion week a unique curate experience, which is a first in India. This comes as a deliberate move from the IFFD to grow fashion weeks into a more exclusive and Tech savvy platform allowing Designers to be more creative within the fashion week and to therefore cater to a more select and dedicated audiences,' Kiran Kheva, fashion Director, India Runway Week said. With every season, the IFFD scouts and nurtures young promising designers by giving them the opportunity to promote themselves through their Newgen platform solely to cultivate the future generations of the fashion industry in our country and transforming them into powerhouses to be reckoned with. At the interface between houses and media, the IFFD draws up and transmits the list of accredited journalists and photographers each season.