IGRMS holds cultural fest under National Rail Week


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya, Bhopal in association with Ministry of Railway & Bhopal division, West Central Railway is organizing a cultural festival under the National Rail Week Award function. It is the cultural part of ongoing three days (15th-17th April, 2018) long programme “Raag-Rang”. Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sanghralaya is performing the arts which displays India’s rich cultural diversity and unifies the nation through art. In this programme Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh & Manipur’s traditional dances will be performed at Bhopal Haat. Audience enjoyed the performances on the beginning of the festival. The artists from Pradesh presented Parghoni dance, Gudum Baaja, Shaila Dance from Chhattisgarh and Manipuri Folk Dance - Jagoi, Thang-Ta, Pung Cholom and Basant Raas where they displayed eternal love of Lod Krishna and Radha. Baiga Pardhauni Dance: This dance is popular amongst the Baiga tribe, performed to welcome the wedding procession. In different guises of horse, bulls, and peacocks, men perform this dance. Gudum-baja Dance: Dhulia tribe from Madhya Pradesh performed the Gudum-baja and it is customarily performed during weddings when the baraat arrives at the bride’s house. The group uses traditional instruments like a dhaphla made from goat skin and the gudum-baja from which the dance derives its name. Saila Dance: The Saila Tribal Dance of Chhattisgarh in India is performed after the season for the harvests is over. The dance is generally performed by the young boys belonging to the plains of Chhattisgarh by going to each and every home of the adjacent village. Basanta Ras: The Gopies led by Radhika respond to the flute of the Lord and they come to the appointed grove and dance together and conclude with unity of the Lord Krishna and Radhika. Thougal Jagoi: Thougal Jagoi is a part of the famous Manipuri Traditional Lai-Haraoba depicting the performance before the sylvan God and Goddess to bring peace and prosperity. Thang Ta: Created by the Meitei of Manipur, it is popularly known worldwide as martial arts of Manipur, it is an art of self defense and also for offence. Pung Cholam is performed by men wearing clean white dhotis and they dance with drums.