Imran Confession


The Pakistan Prime Minister Mr.Imran Khan has admitted that Pakistan based Jaish-e-Mohammad outfit carried out terrorists attack in India in Kashmir. During his US visit he confessed that there were 40 terrorist organization operating in Pakistan comprising about 40,000 people in its ranks. The American Secretary of State Mr.Mike Popio has asked Imran that US wanted that mere show of few arrest would not do and he has take measure to wipe out terrorists organizations from its soil completely. Mr.Imran Khan who told a total lie that Pakistan had no hand in 9/11 attack in Mumbai, in which besides Indians many American, British, German and Israeli nations were killed. In that attack one terrorist Kasab was arrested and six others were gunned down. Kasab told that Hafiz Sayeed planned the attack and ISI gave training and gave funds to them. It justified the Indian Air Strike inside Pakistan in Balakot and Quetta on the bases of Jaish-e-Mohammad. He told American that previous governments of Pakistan had hided the facts from America the number and strength of terrorists in the country. America provided huge funds to Pakistan to fight the terrorism. But they diverted the money in other purposes and took no action against the terror outfits when Mr.Donald Trump become President of America he openly charged the Pakistan that it had misused the US anti-terror fund and stopped it. Now America has taken a firm decision for improving relations with America the Pakistan has to eliminate terrorism from there. Mr.Imran admitted that some of the terrorists were trained in Pakistan and the security forces patronized some of them. He assured the American Administration that Army was helping the Government to disarm the terrorists. On the other hand the Modi Government taking all measures to crush terrorists. The Lok Sabha has passed the Anti-Terror Bill. It has provision who so ever would propagate, help and provide funds to terrorists would also be treated as terrorists and his property would be seized besides putting him behind the bars.