Imran Economic Measures


The Pakistan Prime Minister Mr.Imran Khan is taking urgent measures to salvage the country from the impending economic disaster. The country is facing Greece like financial insolvency and has no money to pay even the interest on the foreign debts. The debt on Pakistan is whopping 28 trillion dollar. Apart from principal amount the Pakistan Government has to borrow afresh more loans to pay the interest over it. It is clear that debt burden on Pakistan will further increase and it will trap the country in vicious circle of loans mounting on it. The economic measures that are being adopted are very good in public sense but very meager to face or clear off debt burden. But Mr.Imran is moving in that direction and further on may succeed in paying off debt on it and maintain the economic viability of the country. The Greece took 8 years to come out of economic and financial mess that too with help of others like nations of European Union giving financial packages and the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) rewriting and rescheduling the loans for further long period. On assuming the office Mr.Imran Khan announced that he would not live a vast Prime Minister residence and moved to 3 bed rooms flat there were 547 servants and 80 cars with the Former Prime Ministers. Now Imran is keeping 2 servants and 2 car. In further austerity measures the Imran cabinets decided now on the President, Prime Minister and other dignitaries would not travel in special planes or in first class air travel. The President and Prime Minister and other authorized persons would no longer have powers to discretionary use of state fund. In this context it is revealed that that during their tenure the Ex-Prime Minister Mr.Nawaz Sharif had spent 417,825,150 dollar Government funds only is one year by exercising his discretionary powers. Similarly President Memmoon Hussain also distributed public money of 7,37,338 dollars on his own discretion. The Imran Government changed the office timing from 8 am to 4 pm by one hour now from 9 am to 5 pm. In Administration the Imran cabinet decided to abolish the Ministry of Capital Administration and Development Division and merged it in other ministries. Mr.Imran Khan decided that even for foreign state visits he would not use the special plane. The America has stopped or curtailed many economic aid to Pakistan. It even accused Pakistan that the Fund which were taken by the Pakistan to curb the terrorists activities on the other hand it used such fund to help terrorists in Afghanistan. The China is taking advantage of such situation on getting the Pakistan in its grip by providing aid on its own conditions.

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