Imran Khan


It is quite natural for the new Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr.Imran Khan Niazi to be in state of euphoria for sometime in taking decisions and actions. He retired from cricket long back and entered in politics forming his own Tehreke Insaf party. He started with “Zero” in his first election he and all his party candidates defeated but now he is “Hero” by becoming single largest party with 171 member in the National Assembly and elected Prime Minister also with 176 votes. Many small parties associated with him to form a coalition government. Mr.Imran Khan had been a top ranking cricket player winning first world cup for Pakistan. In marriage and love he is debonair. First he married a British National Jew girl causing heart break to many Pakistani girls. He divorced her and married a TV Anchor of Pakistan and later divorced her also. Recently she published a book and issued statement depicting Imran as villain in love and married life. Now his third wife Bushara is astrologer. He has admitted an affair with an American woman and they have a daughter. Mr.Imran formed his 16 member cabinet. The Vice President of his Tehreke Insaf Party Mr.Shah Mehmood Qureshi is Foreign Minister. He decided that he would not live the sprawling Prime Minister campus but would live in 3 bedroom flat. He would keep only two servants instead of 547 assigned to previous prime ministers. He also decided to use only two cars instead fleet of 80 cars used by previous prime minister. It are euphoric decisions. After sometime he will become normal and practical in the affairs of the State. But Mr.Imran is proved from the beginning that he has sense in determining the priority before the Nation.He revealed that Pakistan is under the very heavy debt of 28 thousand billion of rupees as never before. In an indirect reference to ex-Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif he said it had mounted so much in the last 10 years. Even to pay interest in these loan the Pakistan to float more fresh loan. The situation is so critical that principal amount go up further as Pakistan would pay only interest and that too by taking new loans. There is financial collapse or financial terror in the Pakistan. The Greece of Europe faced the same situation and it took 8 years time for it to come out and that too with financial bail out packages provided by the other nations of the European Union. The opposition parties of Pakistan downgrading Mr.Imran Khan as Prime Minister not elected but selected by the Army by manipulating the elections in his favour. Mr.Imran Khan has not said anything on the two vital issues the terrorism and its relations with India. But on such issues it is quite right if he is taking time.