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India cannot progress with foreign languages: Naidu


New Delhi, Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu on Friday reminded that Hindi has become the main language of social media and media, but asserted that it needs to be able to connect with regional languages and one's daily bread, because the country cannot develop on the basis of a foreign language. "India is emerging as one of the world's leading economies and is going in the right direction to make all citizens realise their dreams and contribute to the development of the country. Your knowledge, skills and energy will be required,' he said addressing the Hindi Day function in Vigyan Bhawan here. 'This is possible only with the maximum use of Hindi and other languages of the country because no country can progress on the basis of a foreign language," he reiterated. He said by providing the right education, knowledge and skills to the youth in their language, there was a need to transform the vast youth population into national asset creators. Expansion of Hindi education and knowledge will enhance opportunities for the younger generation to get better opportunities for development. Hindi and regional languages should be linked to people's livelihood, that is people should get more employment opportunities by studying Hindi and regional languages. Describing Hindi as a confluence of ancient and modern, the Vice President said the Hindi language had been enriched with Sanskrit words on one side and words of many other indigenous foreign languages on the other. The Devanagari script was one of the oldest and scientific scripts in the world, he added. While there were many other languages of the country which are more old and rich than Hindi, Mr Naidu said Sanskrit was the mother of all Indian languages and we have very rich regional languages, but Hindi is an accessible and easily accessible language, the most spoken language in the country and its form was inclusive.

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