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India-China Rail Diplomacy


China is pushing itself among the under developed nations as a great financial aid provider for their development. India is not in a competitive race but as its own also providing economic aid to many nations and developing sea ports, rail and road projects. In Afghanistan India is carrying out many development projects with its economic aid and experts. India has developed Chabahar Seaport in the Iran giving the opening to land locked Afghanistan and US is providing military aid and support to it. India has rail link relations with Pakistan at Attari and Munawar. It has rail link with Bangladesh and establishing rail connection with Nepal upto its Kathmandu. There are move to have rail link with Myanmar and other south-eastern nations of Asian the Myanmar, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos upto Vietnam. In Asia Japan and China have introduced Bullet train in their countries. Little behind in the bullet train project will have between Ahmedabad and Mumbai. We have to move with time and not behind it. The bullet train merely cannot be judged on cost factor but also as move with the time. The China has set up a road corridor in Pakistan connecting it with the seaport of Gwadar. It has set up a seaport at Dijborti in north Africa and a seaport at Habangtoto in Sri Lanka. China is laying down rail line in Napal from Lasha in Tibet upto Kathmandu in Napal. In near future the Kathmandu will become International Rail Junction with India, China and Nepal together there. The China is launching its bullet train project in the South East are the Asian Nations of Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and Malaysia. The work is going in Laos it will pass through Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia and will be extended upto Singapore. Rail expansion are not military activity but it is logistic support in time and need. After the Second World War the America emerged as sole provider of economic aid to war-raved world. In the new era the economic aid is far more important than the military aid. It is a period of economic support and expansion. India’s rail sector needs massive investment in it for development. The Direct Foreign Investment (FDI) has not come as it was expected. What has come out is most of the rail workers of maintenance job were assigned to job of household servant of rail officers.

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