India and Iran signed nine agreements with Chabahar seaport at the Central Point. At a joint press conference the Indian Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi said both India and Iran want to see our neighbour Afghanistan safe, prosper and free from terrorism. Afghanistan till recently was a land-locked country but the tripartite venture between the India-Iran and Afghanistan on the Chabehar seaport project gave Afghanistan a opening in the Arabian sea. Till now India and Afghanistan were carring on trade through the roads routes of Pakistan. But now the trading is being carried out from Chabahar. For the first time India supplied ship load of wheat to Afghanistan from Chabahar seaport totally bypassing Pakistan for all time to come.Just as China has developed Gwader seaport for itself to connect China with Arabian sea through China-Pakistan economic corridor passing through Baluchistan. The Chabahar is India's is answer to China and Pak on Gwador and economic corridor. India and Iran have agreed to expedite talks on Farjad gas field. The public undertaking of India the O.N.G.C. (Oil and Natural Gas Commission) have discovered and developed Farjad gas field. One of the nine agreement is about to giving Shahid Behasti seaport- the first phase of Chabahar on lease of 18 months to an Indian company to develop further the Chabahar seaport. The work on first phase of Chabahar was launched in the December last in 2017. Iran is one of big petro crude supplier to India and now it is agreed from now that India could buy more crude from Iran. India will also make rupee investment in the Iran. There are moves to lay down 1100 kilometers long gas pipeline from Oman upto India via Iran. It is a very costly project but very beneficial for the three countries on a long run. It is being worked out to implement for gas supplies to India. Despite western nations sanctions on Iran the India carried out it oil trade with Iran on rupee-dinar payment.Both Mr Modi and Mr Rouhani held discussions on cooperation in trade and investment, energy, connectivity, defence and security. Agreements were signed in double taxation avoidance, extraditions, agricultural cooperation port-lease, medicine etc.