India is united because of Sant Ravidas’s thoughts and messages


Government will give account of its works every year to public

The Chief Minister Kamal Nath said that India is united today because of Ravidas’s thoughts and his messages given to the community. Kamal Nath further said that our government is an accountable government. We have given the account of our eleven months of work. In every year to come, the government will tell you that justice has been done to the farmers, youth have got employment, landless have got pattas and all round development of every section of the state have taken place. 

He said that we will not disappoint people of the state. The Chief Minister, on the occasion of the 643 birth anniversary of Sant Ravidas Ji, was addressing the grand convention held in Sagar today. On this occasion, the Chief Minister gave a gift in the form of Sant Ravidas Bhavan, to be built in memory of Sant Ravidas Ji at a cost of Rs. One crore in Sagar. Inherited poor system of 15 years The Chief Minister said that twelve and a half months ago, people of the state had handed over the power to us with confidence and hope. The condition of the state was not good then.

Madhya Pradesh was number one in farmers’ suicides, youth unemployment and physical atrocities against women. The government’s coffer was empty. In this adverse situation, we accepted the challenge of improving the poor system of the state and has also started yielding better results in just a few months. The main reason for this is that we are working with good intention and policy.

Will make farmers happy by revolutionizing agriculture sector The Chief Minister Kamal Nath said that it is important to ensure right price to farmers for their excess production. The farmers’ loan waiver is a relief for them but it is not an option to strengthen them financially. The government along with ensuring right price to the farmers, will encourage them to grow crops to bring revolutionary change in their economic condition.

Government is committed to waive farmers’ loan upto Rs. 2 lakh Kamal Nath said that the government is committed to waive farmers’ loan upto Rs. 2 lakh. Loan upto Rs. 2 lakh of farmers will be waived at any cost. The Chief Minister said that the loan of 21 lakh farmers have been waived under the first phase. The second phase has been started and under this loan of Rs. 4 and half thousand crore of 7 lakh farmers will be waived.

Youth will get employment through investment
The Chief Minister said that better future of youth will also lead to the better future of the state and country. The youth of today is educated, associated with modern technology and possesses knowledge. There is a need for better use of the energy of youth power in building our state. For this, we have created a new investment environment and gained investors’ confidence. We are creating a new profile of the state to attract industry. The establishment of an industry increases economic activity and a large number of employment opportunities. In the coming time, we will connect every youth of the state with employment. Kamal Nath said that due to lack of favourable environment in the last fifteen years, the industries in big numbers have closed than the new industries established in the state.

Will set new history of Madhya Pradesh’s development
The Chief Minister mentioned that on the basis of power give to us by the people, we will set a new history of Madhya Pradesh’s development. Farmers will get right price for their produce, youth will get employment and will ensure extending benefits of various government schemes in order to protect interest of all the sections of the society.

Will not let people of Sagar feel disappointed
Kamal Nath said that he does not believe in announcements. It is my working style to get the public certificate by working. He further stated ‘I would only like to say that the development related demand of the people of Sagar will be fulfilled’. The Minister for Commercial Taxes and District In-Charge Minister Brijendra Singh Rathore said that the Chief Minister Kamal Nath is committed to eradicate the backwardness of Sagar. The Chief Minister is working to fulfill the promises made to the people one by one. The Chief Minister is dedicated to take Madhya Pradesh to new heights.

The Minister for Revenue and Transport Govind Singh Rajput said that the Chief Minister Kamal Nath has always been concerned about Sagar’s development. When he was the Union Minister for Forest and Environment, he sanctioned Rs. 21 crore in 2008 for cleaning and beautification of Lakha Banjari Lake of Sagar, which was not utilized by the erstwhile government. The Chief Minister now has sanctioned Rs. 100 crore for the same lake. Tendering process is over and the work will begin soon, he added.

The Minister for Social Justice & Disabled Persons Welfare, Scheduled Tribe Welfare Lakhan Ghanghoriya said that the Chief Minister along with the development of the state is also working for purity. After Shuddh ke Liye Yuddh, now campaign is being conducted to make mafia-free state. He further mentioned that the Chief Minister is working speedily to develop basic facilities in the sectors like health, education, employment, electricity, water and roads.
The Minister for Cottage & Village Industry, New and Renewable Energy Harsh Yadav said that the historic work like loan waiver has been done by the Chief Minister. In just one year, efforts made to create new image of the state are yielding results.

Dedicates and lays foundation of development works costing Rs. 3 thousand crore
In the programme, along with presenting many gifts to Sagar for development, the Chief Minister Kamal Nath dedicated and laid foundation of several development works costing Rs. 3 thousand crore. These works include, construction of Sagar by-pass, shifting of bus-stand, survey for flyover construction, reconstruction of building demolished in Nazar Bagh located Police Training college, integrated command control centre of Smart City Ltd. built at a cost of Rs. 42 crore, irrigation scheme worth Rs. 2600 crore and new Collector office building constructed at a cost of Rs. 17 crore 50 lakh.

Benefits of government schemes distributed to beneficiaries
The Chief Minister distributed land right deeds to 2400 beneficiaries and sanction letters to 1275 beneficiaries under the Mukhya Mantri Awas Yojana. He presented cheque of Rs. 2 crore 30 lakh of rotational and community investment to 774 self-help groups of State Rural Livelihood Mission. Moreover, he gave loan sanction letters of over Rs. 7 crore 79 lakh to 12 beneficiaries of Yuva Udhyami Yojana. Kamal Nath presented cheques of Rs. 4 lakh 70 thousand to 3 beneficiaries of Mukhya Mantri Swa-Rozgar Yojana. He also distributed benefits to the beneficiaries of fisheries, horticulture schemes and Mukhya Mantri Hriday evam Shravan Upchaar Yojana. Vote of thanks was proposed by the MLA Tarwar Singh Lodhi.