India Means Business


Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi told the investors at the World Economic Forum in Davos-Switzerland that India means business. Come to India if you want health, wealth, wholeness, prosperity and peace. India has moved much further from redtape to red carpet. India aiming at becoming five trillion economy by 2025. The globalisation is losing its luster, giving way to protectionalism and trade barriers gaining prominence. Professor Swach of Geneva University founded the Forum in 1971 as European Management and later expanded it in 1987 with universal name of the World Economic Forum. Every year it meets in January. This year Mr. Narendra Modi inaugurated it. About 350 delegates from 70 nations are participating in it. Mr Modi laid down his vision for a new India and the multi polar economic world. He pointed out three main challenges of climate change cyber security and terrorism. He cautioned that forces of protectionism were raising there heads with on intention to reverse the natural flow of globalisation amid talk of an interconnected world. Bilateral and multi lateral trade agreements and negotiations have come to a kind of stand still. India Government is focusing on improving the ease of living for the common man is what is seen as the latest slogan for better governance. The Indian economy will move fastest during 2018. Presently it is 5th on the world ranking. In the year 2016 there was economic slowdown due to demonitisation and the G.S.T. Now according to an assessment by the International Monetary Fund (I.M.F) India's growth rate during the 2019 will be of 7.8 per cent.Mr. Modi addressed the Davos meet of W.E.F. in Hindi. He pitched India as an investment destination and said its democracy stability and certainty were bedrocks of sustainable development. Over last three years India has resolved a number of regulators and policy issues facing business, investors and companies. Mr. Modi laid emphasis that technology was assuming importance and one who central data world control the world. It was very important to control data. We are today exploiting nature for our greed and now we need to ask ourselves if this was our progress or regression.