India-South Korea


The South Korean President Mr.Moon on a four day visit to India jointly with the Indian Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi inaugurated the new facility of Samsung Mobile plant at the NOIDA. It will make India it export hub. The 30 per cent of handset mobile phone made here will be exported to other nations. It is located near its first mobile plant set up in 1997 with the capacity of making 6.8 crores handsets. With the new plant the production of Samsung mobile phone in India will be doubled by 12 crores handset unit. Mr.Moon said it will “Make for the World” in India. The Samsung plant at NOIDA is the largest mobile making plants in the world. Presently India is second largest producer in the world. All the mobile phone making companies have come to India and there is stiff competition among them. The Nokia of Finland was first to come here and its plant is located at Chennai in Tamil Nadu. But the Samsung has surpassed all mobile maker in India. In NOIDA there are 120 mobile making factories of different companies and out of it 50 are located in the NOIDA. More than 4 lakh people are employed in these different plants and out of it 70,000 are employed in Samsung plants. India is not only a large country in its size but also in population with 125 crores people residing here. The India is world biggest market all the things and so also for mobile phones. In the ancient history the relations between India and Korea are 2000 years old since the days Lord Ram era in Ayodhya. The King of Goye Raj of Korea married the princes of Ayodhya mentioned in Korean history as Ajata. For Korean Ayodhya is a very sacred place for them and South Korea has decided to set up special park at Ayodhya in the memory of Queen Heems. Presently more than 11,000 Indians are living the South Korea and 1000 out of it are students for higher studies in skill development. On trade side India exporting Minerals, Fuel, Oil, Cereals, Iron and steel and importing from Korea Automatic parts, Tele Communication equipments, nuclear reactor. In the last 10 years South Korea invested in India 47,000 crores of rupees and going to enhance it Rs.2.5 lakh crores. Presently there 500 Korean companies including Samsung- LG, Hyundai and working in India. In the year 2017 South Korea signed an agreement with India to cooperation in the ship building.In India 40 crores people are using mobile phones and 32 crores broadband and these numbers are increasing rapidly. Mr.Modi and Mr.Moon reached the NOIDA for Samsung inauguration in the metro train.During the visit India and South Korea will sign accord on Defence Cooperation.