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India’s GDP set to double during next decade, says President to IRS Officers Trainees


New Delhi, President Ram Nath Kovind said on Friday said that India is the world’s fastest growing economy and the country’s GDP is set to more than double during the next decade. 'This will create more opportunities all-round and increase tax revenues,' he said. Addressing the Indian Revenue Service Officer Trainees at the Rashtrapati Bhawan here, Mr Kovind lauded the government’s efforts to clean the financial system, and defeat the menace of back money. 'Steps such as demonetisation, the Income Declaration Scheme, and amendment to the Benami Transactions Prohibition Act have demonstrated the will of the people and the government to make the economy more transparent,' he said. 'IRS officers are front line soldiers in this battle. They are one of the most important interfaces between the government and citizens. They will need to address the challenges while facilitating the economic engine of our country,' he said. Observing that common people had great expectations from public servants and particularly from the IRS officers, he advised them not to forget that it is from “We, the People” enshrined in the Constitution of India, that they derived their power and authority from, to serve the very people.

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