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Indo-British Pacific Ties


Giving clear indication to China, India and Britain has declared close cooperation between the Naval forces of the both the countries in the Indian and Pacific oceans zone. After the bileteral talls between the Indian and British Prime Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi and Mrs Teresa May, the joint statement said both the countries agreed to have close cooperation between the Navies to keep the Indian and Pacific Ocean free as international waters. It is not only in the interest of two nation but for the entire world also. They said the both oceans should by maintained as free passage to merchant navy ships. With the Chinese expantionist design the Pacific nation Vietnam, Philipines, Malaysia etc and highly worried over it and looking towards Japan, Australia, India, America, Britain and Europe to maintain the sanctity of Pacific ocean. China is claiming entire South China Sea of Pacific ocean as its man time area. India and France already have close ties between the Navies in the oceans. India and three others Australia, Japan and America have formed an permanent alliance organisation for the protection of Pacific Ocean. Mr Modi is on 5-day visit tour of Sweden, Britain and Germany. In London India and Britain signed ten agreements in various field including cyber relationship,rejuvenation of Gange and skill development. Both the nation have decided over arching cyber relationship frame work that among others enables the developments of common and shared understanding of international frame work for cyber activities. On the rejuvenation of river Ganga and the UK based National Environmental Research Council signed the MOU. The main assignment of Mr Modi is to attend the summit of Chogam- the Commonwealth. In the Chogam there are 53 nations and out of it Presidents and Prime Minster of 46 nation were present. In the Chogam the traditional head on Commonwealth the Queen of Great Britain urged the nations to elect Prince Charles as head of Chogam. It is also indication that because of her old age she may be give up the throne also and Charles will become king of Great Britain, Prince Charles played the prominent role during the Summit. Mr Modi during his visit to Sweden and Great Britain addressed by Indian diaspora. He said there is need to make development a mass movement India is getting increasingly aspirational country in this regard. On the sidelines of Chogam Mr Modi many head State and the Prime Ministers.

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