Indo-China Talks


The Indian Foreign Secretary Mr.Vijay Gokhle is in China as a prelude to Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi’s visit to China in June next to participate in the Summit Meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. After the 72 day Army stand off at Doklam the relations between India and China are strained. The visit of Mr.Vijay Gokhle has now eased the situation. The Chinese Foreign Minister had a meeting with Mr.Gokhle. Both the Foreign Secretaries discussed ways and modalities to normalize the relation between the two countries. The China is spreading its sea bases in at Hambantota in Sri Lanka, Djibouti in North Africa, Gwadar in Pakistan. In Sri Lanka it secured 99 years lease for China, in Pakistan it has established road route economic corridor from China upto Gwadar. The China has an eye to set up a sea station in Maldives but it still not there. The China is trying to expand its maritime territory in a Pacific Ocean but facing stiff opposition from Pacific nations – Japan, South Korea, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunai. All other nations have also taken a stand to not to allow China its ambition in Pacific. All the nations also realize that only India is capable to restraining China to remain within its limits. India, America, Japan and Australia have formed a joint cooperation to keep the Pacific ocean free international waters as it is now and no change in it. Despite border hostilities the China and India are having vast trade and business between them. China is a biggest importer of Cotton from India. India is importing bulk of base medicines from China. Presently India is importing from China much more than its exports there. The China is indulging small items trading like toys, raincoat, torches, knife, ball pen and hair pin etc. India wants the trading between two countries should be of big items and not like China Bazar business. India’s close relationship with Vietnam and ONGC oil exploration there are also keeping China subdued and it is no longer threatening Vietnam anymore.The China is asking the India not to send the Army in Maldives but ensure political settlement among the warring parties there.