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Indo-China Warm up


Since decades generally the relations between India and China are ‘blow hot and blow cold’ but occasionally it warm up. After Doklam stand off of 72 days the relation sored further with China stoping Kailas- Mansarovar pilgrimage from India through the second route via Nathula Pass. China also persisted in its claim on Doklam as it territory. These days Indian Foreign Minister Mrs Sushma Swaraj is on the visit to China to discuss and decide the Prime Minister’s visit to China in April 27-28 to have summit meeting with Chinese President Jinping. Mrs Swaraj discussed many issues with Chinese Foreign Miniser Mr Wang Yi. He informed Mrs Swaraj that now on the Kailash Mansarovar Ppilgrimage via Nathu La Pass stand restored and Mr Swaraj thanked Yi for the gesture. The China which has earlier refused to share hydrological data on Sutlaj river and Bhrahmaputra also said that the China would share hydrological data with India on these down coming rivers from China. Recently the water in Brahmaputra become black causing concert in India considerng it as polluted water. Mrs Swaraj will participate in the Summit meeting of Shanghae Cooperation Organisation at Beijing on April 24 in which all the foreign ministers of SCO will take part and Indian Defence Minister Mrs Nirmala Sitaraman will also participating in SCO meet. Mrs Swaraj has said that there were enough warm up in the India China relations. The trade volume are increasing. The hostile impact of Dokhlam has diminished. The Hindi film of India are very popular in China and Hindi is being is taught in many Chinese centres. The Chinese students expressed the desire to visit India and Mr Swaraj on spot directed the Indian Ambassador to arrange sending of 25 Hindi learning students to India and assured them and the Chinese Government that they would be received fondly and will tour India. Indian Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi has some sort of personal rapport with Chinese President Mr Jin Ping and their oncoming summit talks will improve relations of the countries. Mrs Nirmala Sitaram will hold talks on defence matters with Chinese Defence Minister. There days Chinese claim in Pacific Ocean and its Navel ships movement, in the Indian Ocean may also figure in the talks.

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