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Indo-Pak Air Space


After the air strike by the Indian Air Force inside the Pakistan at the Jaishe Mohammad centres at Balakot and Quetta the Pakistan and in its retaliation India also closed the use of each others air space for the use of civil aviation passenger planes. This has resulted in upsetting the flights of PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) and Air India. The Pakistan was operating its flights to Malaysia at the Airport of Capital Kualalumpur and Thailand Capital Bangkok and Capital of India New Delhi. It was operating four flights to Kualalampur, 2 to Bangkok and two to New Delhi. With this closures of 8 flights the PIA incurring every day loss of lakhs of rupees and had to close down its these 8 air services. The Air India operates its most of European and American flights through Pakistan airspace using the stop over at Lahore and Karachi. Now due to ban of use of Pakistan airspace the Air India is operating its European and American flights via longer routes. It is causing more expenditure on aviation fuel and increase in time. This also causing huge loss of lakhs of rupees to Air India and other air carriers. Although the Air India is still operating on all routes but mounting losses may compel it to cut down its operation. Both the nation Pakistan and India want that closure of airspace for each other should be lifted immediately otherwise national carriers of the country PIA and Air India will collapse in everyday mounting losses. The only hitch is who and how to initiate talks on this issue in such a hostile atmosphere of active Air Force of both the country on borders. The Indian Air Force is deploying latest Air Defence System Unit (ADSU) on all along the Pakistan Border in Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Rajasthan and Gujarat to hit back at any enemy air attack quickly. This system will have missile system also. The air defence technologies of Russia and Israel are also applied in the system. There are military and overall defence preparations to keep the nation ready to meet any attack eventuality. But in the civil aviation both the nation feeling the pinch and eagerly want to come to some settlement to restore the use of air space. If anyhow the ice is broken and settlement bound to reach it will create the atmosphere for broader and cordial relationship. Even without such political bottleneck the civil aviation sectors in the India and Pakistan are already in losses. In India the airlines like King Fisher and Jet Airways have already closed down and Air India is kept floating with Government budgetary support.

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