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Indo-US Defence Cooperation


The United States of America has taken initiative in offering strategic defence cooperation with India by offering latest innovations and technologies in defence soft and hardwares armaments. Now the world has moved upto the push button wars and its military strategies and preparations are entirely different from conventional battles. India has entered the missile age during the regime of Prime Minister Mrs.Indira Gandhi. Now with the Chinese expansionist designs right from Pacific Ocean upto Gwadar seaport in Pakistan, Hambantota in Sri Lanka and Dejbouti in North Africa. US consider India as the only nation in the Indian Ocean and Japan in Pacific Ocean who can contain China within its limits. China wants to emerge as super military power like US and Russia. The Pak and China at the back of terrorists against India and Afghanistan the Indo-US strategic cooperation in defence are real deterrent to the State Terrorism of Pak and China. During the Bangla Desh war of liberation the President Richard Nixon the US refused to give F-16 fighter plane to India and India moved towards Russia. But during the UPA regime the US. Indo-relationship improved and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and President George Bush and President Barak Obama signed agreements about civil nuclear power projects in India. It is a landmark in Indo-US strategic defence cooperation that the Lockheed Martin has offered to relocate its entire production line for F-16 Jet fighter plane for production in India exclusively. The Lockheed says it intends to create far more than an assembly line. It is Lockheed Make in India initiative. This move gives Indian Industry a unique opportunity to be the centre of the world’s largest fighter jet aircraft. The F-16 played key role in many battles as a super strike air hits. Another US giant the Boeing has joined the Race with Lockheed to supply its jet fighter planes to India. The Russia has started manufacturing its MiG fighter plane in India. The France has come with its fighter plane Rafale and US –Lockheed and Boeing are also coming here with its plants to manufacture fighter planes. We have also developed our own fighter plane Tejas. India is being mae hub of manufacturing fighter planes and other military weapons of state of art.

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