Indore-Budni Rail Line


In the election year the Chief Minister Mr.Shivraj Singh Chouhan has secured a new rail line connecting Indore-Budni. Mr.Chouhan hails from Jait village of Budni Tehsil in Sehore district. It will be the overall part of Indore-Jabalpur main line section. The Budni, Gadarwara and Manglia station will become junctions. It will be route on Jabalpur-Gadarwara-Udaipura, Baraili, Budni, Kannod and Indore with 30 new stations providing rail facilities to new areas of Kotari, Bakhtara, Nasrullaganj, Khotegaon etc. This line will be 205.5 kilometer long of 3262 crores of rupees and will be completed by 2023-24. It will reduce the travel time between Indore and Jabalpur by three hours.There is another new rail project of connecting Indore with Manmad.