Institutes should pay attention to workers training


Inauguration of ‘Rajya -Stariya Prashikshan Sansthano ke liye Manak Bench-Mark ka Nirdharan’ Workshop

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal Former Indian Administrative Officer Dr. Gyanendra Badgaiyan has said that there is a need to pay attention on training of employees of the institutes. He mentioned that employees are spine of the institutes. Beside senior officers, it is necessary to enhance intellectual capabilities of the employees. It is difficult to reach heights, if they remain weak. Dr. Badgaiyan said this at the inauguration of 2 day national workshop on ‘Rajya-Stariya Prashikshan Sansthano ke liye Manak Bench Mark ka Nirdharan’. Dr. Badgaiyan mentioned that there is a need for global training in this new age. Website training could be a good platform in this innovative era. High speed internet is a big source for this. No matter, how good is the institute, but high speed internet line is need of today. We should not follow the old traditions; we have to move forward by working on new thoughts. Work atmosphere needs to be changed in the institutes. Dr. Badgaiyan further stated that preparations for workshop are made with enthusiasm but there is a need to see what is learned by the participants in the workshop? He said that training subject should be given in the form of target. Along with this training should be given to the needful person. Participants should be trained taking into account today’s need. Secretary State Anand Sansthan Manohar Dubey said that teaching and training are complementary to each other. Training should be according to the teaching. Training should come in use immediately for person. Training must prove useful for the participants. Training on subject related to the concerned person will be interesting and participants will obtain training with enthusiasm. He mentioned that bench mark should be based on means of different subjects. Time and resources are limited, therefore focus on management is required and we have to move forward taking small strides. Secretary Consumer Affairs, West Bengal Smt. Neelam Mina said that there is a need for training for the progress of country and society. Along with this, we have to set bench mark of new changes with time. He mentioned that quality training should be provided to participants. No difficulty or hindrance should emerge during the training so that participants should obtain training whole heartedly. Smt. Neelam further mentioned that training institutes should pay attention towards good trainers by taking feedback from each other. Special Executive Officer of National Accreditation Board for Education and Training Manish Kumar Jindal stated that everyone needs training, whether it is person or institute. New changes are witnessed everyday in this era of technology, therefore training should be imparted after every six months taking into account the new requirements. People will lag behind, if they are not introduced with the era of technology. He also described norms of I.S.O. through presentation. He further said that institute and person can establish their different identity through service and trust. Director of WALMI Smt. Urmila Shukla while informing about the objectives of the workshop, said that common bench marks are not fixed anywhere. Hence, this national workshop is being organized. The programme was conducted by Sushri Shweta Kushwaha and R.C. Maheshwari. Vote of thanks was proposed by Yogendra Thakur.