Intense Heat


Madhya Pradesh is reeling under the intense heat conditions crossing 40 degree Celsius in most of the places. The Western district Khargone worst hit temperature soaring upto 45.6 degree. In nearby Dhar district it is at 44.5 degree. The capital Bhopal having 42.2 degree temperature. The heat waves are prevailing all over the State. The sudden rise in the temperature is due to intense heat waves coming from the desert areas of Rajasthan sweeping the states. Geographically the Madhya Pradesh is so located that during the winter cold waves come from snowfall Northern Himalayan states and during summer heat waves from Western side of Madhya Pradesh. The weather in the state is considered pleasing and pleasant. In 29 districts the heat condition are on increase. The 9 districts of Madhya Pradesh are areas of deficient rains and facing water scarcity.Conditions. There are nearly 5 lakh 44 thousand tube wells in the state. It all are getting underground waters, which is dwindling in the state at a fast pace. During summer tube wells one after another go dry. In chronic areas about 15 to 16 thousand piped water scheme are launched and most of it about 14,000 are put on action and on more than 2000 the works have been stopped. In about 100 cities and towns the water supplies put on alternate days and in coming days the gap may increase further. Including metro cities of Gwalior and Indore the water supply are alternate days and many towns near capital Bhopal like Sehore, Ashta, Ichawar and Mandideep the supply is with a gap day. In Bhopal the Bhoj Tal (Bada Talab) the water level is receeding fast and civic authorities are considering ways and means to maintain it somehow till rain. From the World Water Day a big engineering company Larson and Toubro has undertaken a very apt and important job in India of restoring dried up or dead water sources in the 25 cities of the nation. Among these the water source restoration scheme has started in 7 cities of Madhya Pradesh – Bhopal, Indore, Pithampur, Kshipra, Dewas, Chhattarpur and Satna. It will revive and restore dry on dead lakes and talabs. The L and T restoration scheme will benefit 7 cities of India the Bhopal, New Delhi, Bhubaneshwar, Kanpur, Pune, Ranchi and Chennai. After piped water supply many water sources like traditional “Babdis” and open well were ignored and in course of time vanished. In Madhya Pradesh in the long time 13 tributaries of river Kshipra were encroached and it were vanished and turned into agriculture fields. In Madhya Pradesh there is a move that not only the 13 vanished tributaries of river Kshipra but all other encroached rivers will be revived. Now a water restoration schemes going on a 7 cities it be expanded in time and work to restore all the water bodies in the Madhya Pradesh.