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Inter Basin Experiment


Madhya Pradesh is the first state in India to experiment to activate inter river basin water supply. The water of Narmada will go up by 400 meters to go into basins of 4 other rivers of Malva region the Gambhir, Kali Sindh, Parvati and Kshipra. On the demand of Madhya Pradesh the Narmada River Water Dispute Tribunal approved the project way back in the decade of 1970. But in last 48 years it was not implemented and kept pending of its being very tedious and complicated in nature. The technocrats preferred to avoid it rather than to work on it. There is general tendency to look for precedence rather than to act originally with initiative. The credit goes to the State Chief Minister Mr.Shivraj Singh Chouhan that he coordinated the Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering to overcome all the difficulties and got it launched for the first time in the India after such a long time of nearly 50 years. Mr.Chouhan is the first person as Chief Minister who for the first time successfully launched the river link scheme by linking Narmada with Kshipra. Now another river linking is going on in Madhya Pradesh in linking the Ken and Betwa river in Vindhya region.

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