Internal Security


Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi expressed serious concern over growing insecurity in the cyber crimes in the country. Addressing the National Conference of Directors General of Police of all the states at the BSF Academy near Gwalior he asked them that the Issue be given top priority in their action. He said states need to cooperate more over security. The cyber crimes are making people with money pauper within minutes by drawing money setting at far off places. A person living in Bhopal and in cyber crime his money is drawn by some unknown persons at Ahmadabad. The Army and para military forces are dealing with terrorists and naxals but it is for the police to deal with ever growing internal insecurity in the civil society. There were days Bhind-Morena and other adjoining district in Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh were infamous for rural decoities, now it are almost forgotten. Now banks are looted in cities, ATM machines dug out and taken away. In broad day light in cities bikers and even by those who are on foot snatch chains and purses of ladies and people are robbed on knife point. Even if one go out for some time from his house their homes are burgled. The city bus operators besides passengers service also employed pick pockets side by side for side business. In urban areas nobody is safe on road, buses and in express trains. The internal crime situation is worsening day by day. It is also a terror and criminals are no way less than the terrorists. Now an incident of bank dacoity is not alarming but a routine news of frequent occurrence. Such criminal when convicted and sent to jail they indulge in the crimes on the same day of their release. Now jails are not place of punishment but of just confinement and employment. The convicts are now paid for the work they carry out under court order of RI (Rigorous Imprisonment). Practically it are no more rigorous but made easy. The grinding in jails have been abolished. The jails are turned into reformatories which have totally failed to reform the criminals rather thay do not fear or scared of prison terms as they return to crime life again and again. When bikers commit crimes in high speed and vanish there are no question of getting a witness which is the basis requirement of court and our judicial system. Now there are thinking that in jail term some sort of physical punishment and hard and difficult life should be there. Too much idealism on the name of jail reforms or some consideration for criminal are counter productive. For achieving internal security and peaceful civil life trial and punishment of any criminals should be on practical and realistic grounds. The second time criminal be sentence to life instead of releasing them on the society again and again. The hard fact that these days there is no internal security in the country and criminals are having field day.