ISRO Century


Country’s prestigious space agency ISRO has hit a century in launching of satellites in to the space orbit on January 12, putting 31 satellites by its PSLV-C40 in the space. There are 28 foreign and 3 Indian satellite in it. There were international customer satellites as a part of the commercial arrangement between Antrix Corporation Limited and the Commercial arm of ISRO. Among 31 launched satellites one each from Canada, Finland, France, Britain, five from Republic of Korea, 9 from US and 3 of India’s own. So far India’s ISRO has launched 51 Indian and 237 customer satellites from abroad. The lift of PSLV occurred from Sriharikota at 09.29 hours IST. The flight lasting 16 minutes 37 seconds and the satellites achieved the polar Sun synchronous orbit of 503 kilometer. The performance was excellent. This new year 2018 mission will give boost that include Chandrayan-2, GSLF, MK III D2, GSAT 11 and 21 others. PSLV was one of the toughest launch and world space agencies and customers have confidence in PSLV and ISRO.