Issue Beyond Film


Now the issue before the nation is not whether the film ‘Padmavat’ is right or wrong but of whether Government at the Centre and state exist or not. An ordinary Rajput caste organization openly challenged the Government and Supreme Court that it would not allow the screening the film and dared it to exhibit it if they could? Rejecting the petitions of the Government of Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan ban on the film the Court said the Censor Board has done its job of clearing the film and now it is the job of all the State Government to ensure its release and provide full protection to theaters and audience. Nobody can be forced to see the film or prevented from seeing it. It is question of personal choice and liking. The Karni Sena has no authority or power to impose its decision on others. The Supreme Court said now the Government itself have come before us succumbing to violence and threats by the unruly mobs. The court ruled that violence and anarchy cannot be allowed to prevail. The Government will have to enforce the decision of the Censor Board and directions of the Supreme Court. The unruly mobs are attacking and damaging the theaters. The Cinema owners said without state and police protection they would not be able to exhibit the ‘Padmavat’. If this film could not be screened that would means the writ of the Government do not prevail and hooligans have taken over the Governance by violence. It will amount to coup and overthrow of the Government by violent organization. It will also mean that the administration cannot be carried out in accordance with the Constitution in certain states and Centre should dismiss such Government and impose President rule and ensure exhibition of the film ‘Padmavat’. Let us not presume that even Centre would not be able to do it. Otherwise it would mean collapse of Government in the country and the State has failed. In view of the Supreme Court judgments and continued violence by an organization the situation is very grim. During UPA regime Jats of Rajasthan on its reservation demands squatted on the railway lines at Mumbai Central and Delhi Section in the Kota division of the Western Railway for over a month and Government sat over it as it was not concerned but acted only when the Supreme Court directed it to fulfill it duty and obligation to restore train movements. In Haryana also on the same Jat agitation the Supreme Court directed the Centre to act fast. In this way any violent agitation will stand up to challenge the Centre and State Government. The Supreme Court and the Parliament and will usurp it powers and functions. On the issue of ‘Padmavat’ the Governments are on testing ground whether it can govern or not?

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