It took me lot of time to be a part of film I am proud of: Kritika Kamra on 'Mitron'


New Delhi, TV actress Kritika Kamra, who marks her Bollywood debut with Nitin Kakkar’s 'Mitron', says it took her a lot of time, patience and auditions to be a part of the film she is proud of. In a conversation with UNI, Kritika talks about her transition from TV to silver screen and why it was not a cakewalk for her. 'The journey wasn't a cakewalk for me. Television has given me a lot. It has given me popularity. People think that I am an asset for their project. I also carry that TV baggage where TV actors are stereotyped for loud acting, we don't have our individual personality, we wear a lot of makeup. It's not like this,' Kritika said. 'Acting is a craft, TV is a medium. Craft doesn't change on any medium, the approach changes, the audience changes. But I would like to appeal to people not to judge a book by it's cover. It has taken me a lot of time, auditions, patience and research to be a part of film that I am proud of,' she said. 'Even now it is not a cakewalk. When the film is out, it matters to me what industry thinks of me, because that will determine what kind of work will I be offered here on. I am happy to audition, hustle and struggle, but TV actors also deserve an even playing field. Loosing on merit is hard on ego, but loosing in terms that you have a TV history sometimes feels a little unfair to me,' the 'Kitni Mohabbat Hai' fame actress said. If she will be able to break the notion, Kritika said,'I don't know. It's very difficult to be objective about your own performance. I don't know if I am good or bad, people will like it or not, I just hope my TV audience accepts the new me.' 'I really hope that people find me good enough for another chance because if I get another chance it will help me score and improve my skills,' she said. On asking if ‘Mitron’ was the film she was waiting for as a debut, Kritika said,'When I have finished working on it, I think this was the kind of film I was waiting for a debut. The fact that I didn't do film before was that things did not fall in place. I also didn't liked the things that were coming my way. But with this movie many things were tick marked from the list.' “Working with filmmaker Nitin Kakkar is a treat. I think no one gets a chance to work with a national award winning director in his/her first film. Many credible people are attached to this movie. The movie comes with a good track record,” she said. “More than that when I heard the narration, I was connected, laughing out loud. So I wanted to be a part of the film, where they portray their women nicely. This film portrays their women character in a more progressive, and relatable way. I get to play a strong headed, independent girl, who is career-oriented, who is not just waiting to get rescued by a hero, or is some accessory, or has one song to do,” Kritika said. “There is so much more to do as a female actor and that is very less because the industry is very male dominated. So I couldn't have asked for a better chance,” she said. If it is a male centric movie, Kritika told that the movie is neither male centric nor female centric but it is a story about friends, story about two different generations living in the same household, and their conflicts, their friendships also. “Mitron is the pitch, it is all about friends. But I can very safely say my character is one of the pillars of the film. It is her journey also that you follow,” she said. On asking how different and new is ‘Mitron’ from other movies made on the friendship theme, Kritika said, 'What carefully is being avoided in this film is any kind of cliches, stereotypes. This is comedy, humour in it, but no slapstick comedy.” “It's smart humour and these punches is the carrier of the entire film taking the movie forward. They are not at the cost of something, but genuinely funny. Another thing that is different is we have not shot on any sets, but on the real locations only,” she said. “Ahmedabad is not a very explored location in terms of film, so this film is an authentic representation of Gujarat's culture, Gujarati youth, the developed urban Gujarat and the traditional Gujarat that co-exists beautifully. So there are so many of these elements that are fresh in the film. With Nitin sir's tag everything is very authentic,” she said. Talking about Nitin Kakkar’s approach towards filmmaking, Kritika said, 'His approach is limitless. He is not confined. He is a versatile filmmaker. What I love about him most is he doesn't have one style of direction. He adapts to the actor's style, his/her strengths and weaknesses and then does his work.' “I think nobody is as thoughtful as he is. He is flexible, non-conformist who takes brave decisions. He does unconventional things in silent, dignified way. He redefine things in his own way. This film is his baby,” she said. On how much does she gets affected by the critical acclaim/critisicm, the ‘Reporters’ fame actress said,'I am all up for criticism. If you choose to be an actor, you are a public figure. Genuine critics are always welcome. I am very attached to acting, I love acting and performing, you cannot be judgmental about it.' 'From critics to trolls, I think everybody is criticizing on the social media. So I take it in my stride. Because I have put my life out in the public, for judgments. There are certain things that needs sanctity, but everything else is for the assumption because this is me and I am out there. I know I am going to be judged. So of course, when I am criticised I take notice of it,' she said. “I am somebody who reads all kinds of reactions, and criticism and not someone to shut them down saying it's negativity. I know the difference between the trolls and criticism. When I am trolled for no reason I turn off my comments. But when I get constructive criticism from people whose opinion matters to me, I am all ears and want to take it,” she said. Asking what medium she is comfortable working in TV/films, the 29-year-old actress said,'What's exciting to me right now is films. I have done TV for a last decade where I have explored almost all the genres.' “Film is more exciting medium to work in because of the sheer scale, and because of the attention to the detail that goes into the film. TV is more quantity over quality. But film is quality to the product which everyone works upon. So for me that is really refreshing and something I needed in life. Film is something the place where I find performance more fun,” she said. ‘Mitron’ is produced by Vikram Malhotra, presented by Abundantia Entertainment and directed by Nitin Kakkar. Set against the backdrop of the Gujarati milieu, the film traces the journey of Jay (Jackky Bhagnani) and Avni (Kritika Kamra), as they set on the path of finding themselves amidst their social and cultural backgrounds. It is an adaptation of 2016 Telugu film 'Pelli Choopulu'.