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Jadhav Video


India has rejected another Jadhav video as absurd propaganda. It is quite obvious that he is in the captivity and Pakistan must have forced him to secure another confessional video to white wash its misbehavior with the mother and wife during their visit to him in Islamabad. The glass screen between them and conversation through intercom are evidence in itself that they have tortured him. The 9/11 attack in Mumbai hotels and railway station and arrest of Kasab are proven involvement of Hafiz Sayeed and verdict on Pakistan complicity. In Mumbai besides Indian the American, Israeli, German etc. citizen were killed. The US has targeted Hafiz Sayeed as terrorist and put reward on him. Recently the Pakistani Army ISI Chief backed Hafiz on his action on Kashmir. The fanatics also encircled the Capital of Pakistan Islamabad for many days. The Pakistan Government ordered the Army to disband agitators. The Army refused to carry out order and offered money to demonstrators. Recently the Supreme Court of Pakistan pulled up the Army as this count. The US President Mr.Donald Trump is going very tough with the Pakistan on terrorism. The US stopped military aid to Pakistan. In Pakistan there are different pulls among the civilian Government, the Army and the terrorists. Mr.Trump has said that now the Pakistan will go under the patronage of China. But the Pakistan fears in this compulsions of the situation the China will take it under its subjugation and Pakistan will become its satellite nation. The Pakistan hired some terrorists to Kidnap Mr.Kulbhusan Jadhav from Iran and give him to them to say that India was instigating revolt in Balichistan to equate him with Hafiz Sayeed. The difficult situation for Pakistan is that India effectively moved the International Court of Justice at the Hague and it is for Pakistan to prove charges against Jadhav and produced him in court at some time only then statement in the court will prove everything. The confessional statement in the captivity are not acceptable in the court. After the Jadhav family meeting the Pakistan said that it was not final and there could be more such meetings. Now Pakistan should allow counselor contact to India to meet him face to face without any glass screen. Video confession under captivity are vague and fake attempts to hide the offence of his kidnapping from Iran.

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