Jaitley slams Surjewala, Congress for 'ignorance'


New Delhi, Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Thursday joined issue with Congress spokesman Randeep Surjewala for his sharp criticism of the Modi government's economic policy. "This is a political discourse. Abuse is not the answer. Please respond to the facts," Mr Jaitley tweeted in response to micro blogging site missive from Mr Surjewala - wherein the Congress leader has alleged earlier in the day that "People of India are fed up with 'Modi-nomics & Jaitley-nomics". "rssurjewala, surely the journey from India being part of the ‘fragile five’ and ‘policy paralysis’ to the world’s fastest growing economy could not be result of economic mismanagement- Another case of ignorance," the Union Finance Minister tweeted. In his tweets, Mr Surjewala has said that : "Arun Jaitley’s wasteful blogs are a clear case of finding lost political relevance by churning unadulterated lies! Has BJP & Shri Jailtey become ‘Agenda-Less’, ‘Achievement-Less’ & ‘Argument-Less’?" Mr Surjewala has also described Mr Jaitley, who is recovering from ill health, as a Minister "without portfolio". In fact, angry outbursts from Congress leader Surjewala came hours after in an article on Facebook, Mr Jaitley blasted the Congress party and had alleged that whether Congress party was turning "Ideologyless" and it was merely banking on 'Anti-Modism'. In another tweet, Mr Jaitley wrote on Wednesday: "Recent statements of Congress leaders show lack of ideological pattern. Ignorance with anti-Modism is a common thread. Dynastic political parties are family and personality dominated. Ideology takes a back seat and ignorance flourishes".