Javdekar, Gehlot to be re-elected for RS


  Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal Re-election of Union ministers Prakash Javdekar and Thavarchand Gehlot as Rajya Sabha from Madhya Pradesh is almost certain. Their tenure will end in March and both leaders are union ministers. As MP is the home state of Gehlot, it is believed that he would be sent to Centre through Rajya Sabha. On the other hand Javdekar is a minister in the Centre. The tenure of Satyavat Chaturvedi of Congress is also coming to end and he is lobbying to go to Rajya Sabha again. However, some other leaders of Congress, including both veteran and young, are lobbying in Delhi for nomination in Rajya Sabha. The tenure of five Rajya Sabha members of Madhya Pradesh is coming to end. Besides the two union ministers, the tenure of BJP’s Meghraj Jain and L Ganeshan and Congress’ Satyavat Chaturvedi is coming to end. However, the party functionaries are not active yet on account of forthcoming Kolaras and Mungawali by-polls. Claimants are waiting for polling on February 24, as they believe senior leaders would have more time after this.