Jigitsa Healthcare issues notice to 108 Ambulance staff


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal The employees of 108 ambulance service are face to face with the management of Jigitsa Healthcare Limited after the latter issued notice to them asking them to keep away from108 ambulance till April 11. The Jigitsa Healthcare Limited took this action after the employees decided to work in shifts of eight hours. They worked from 6 am to 2 pm and 2 pm to 10 pm. On April 2 night Jigitsa Healthcare Limited handed over the notices to the employees. The Madhya Pradesh Labour Commissioner has taken note of the incident and asked summoned all the parties to Indore. The Jigitsa Healthcare Limited had been given five-year contract in October 2-16 to run 108 Ambulance Service Janani Express Service for a period of five years. However the company and the staff are often at loggerheads over the working hours and the overtime payments. The Labour Commissioner has asked all the parties to be present on April 4 at 12 noon at the office of Assistant Labour Commissioner. On the other hand, the Jigitsa Healthcare Limited has been maintaining that they have made alternative arrangements to run the ambulance service.