Joy comes from work undertaken with happiness - Sukhbodhanand


Anand Vyakhyan

Positive thinking produces positive energy: CM Shri Chouhan

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal The Ved Scholar and Prominent Spiritual Guru Swami Sukhbodhanand said that happiness does not come from the work undertaken for happiness but it comes from the work undertaken with happiness. It is must to get rid from the mechanized life and from the reactive propensity. He mentioned that problems and difficulties seen with the positive approach make them lessons. Swami Sukhbodhanand expressed his views in “Anand Vyakhyan’ organized by the State Anand Sansthan under the Anand Department at Academy of Administration here today.

Happiness is inner condition of heart

Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan in his address said that positive thinking produces positive energy. He mentioned that all the philosophies show path to derive happiness. Communism and capitalism had also shown path to gain happiness, but it did not prove right over the time. Shri Chouhan further stated that it happens by not understanding the difference between happiness and comfort. Happiness is the inner condition of the heart, whereas comfort comes from the outer conditions. Shri Chouhan mentioned that happiness does not come from creating only infrastructures. Leading a meaningful life is important. Economically well off people also lead sorrowful life and underprivileged people lead a happy life. Therefore, we will have to learn the art to change the mindset positive.

Happiness is in each moment

Swami Sukhbodhanand elaborated on the characteristics of happiness and its existence in life. He said that tendency to see happiness in future and to make it a habit brings disappointment and sadness. He mentioned that present is everything. Hence, happiness exists in present. It is in the heart. God opens a new door, when all the doors shut down. Every moment has life and is dynamic.

Do not let past interfere present

Swami Ji further said that devotion is needed to transform anger and jealousy into love. Therefore devotion is the chief element. Future is delusion. Only present is truth and happiness is prevalent in present. There is a need to sense it. Wonder is the chief element. He stated that do not let past interfere present, people should be cautious about it. The other form of happiness is energy, he added. Minister of Anand Department Shri Lalsingh Arya said that Shri Chouhan is the Chief Minister, who always undertakes innovations constantly. Anand department is an example in this connection. He informed that the activities of the department have been expanded widely in the state within a short period. It has gained praise all over the country. Additional Chief Secretary of Anand Department Shri Iqbal Singh Bains and members of Anand Clubs were present on the occasion.