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Kamal Nath Trump


While Bhartiya Janata Party was threatening to pull down Congress Government of Chief Minister Mr.Kamal Nath at the moment they get signal from Number 1 (Narendra Modi) or Number 2 (Mr.Amit Shah), the ace politician Mr.Kamal Nath secured two of BJP-MLAs to vote with Congress at the Vidhan Sabha vote on a Bill. The over confident state BJP leadership of the BJP trump after pulling down Congress-JDS coalition government in Karnataka and securing defection of 10 Congress MLA out of total 15 in Goa into BJP was contemplating pulling down the Kamal Nath Government. In the House 230 the Congress is marginally up with 114 number over the 108 of the BJP. Mr.Kamal Nath formed the Government with support of 7 other – 4 Independents, 2 Bahujan Samaj Party and 1 of Samajwadi Party MLA. It is coalition Government. In Karnataka some defecting MLAs facing termination of the membership and disqualification for further election. In Goa 10 defecting MLA formed the strength of being two third out of 15 total MLAs. On this ground they were not defectors under the anti-defection law and continue to be Member of Goa Assembly. In Madhya Pradesh the two defecting MLAs are not defectors as the Bill the Party had not issued any whip and they were free to vote as they like. Now it is almost certain that the two MLA Mr.Narayan Tripathy from Maihar and Mr.Sharad Kol from Beohari would resign from the Assembly and the party and contest on Congress tickets in the bye-election.  Another Assembly bye-election is due from Jhabua where the sitting BJP MLA on getting elected to Lok Sabha vacated the Vidhan Sabha seat and bye-election is due. After Assembly vote test now the Congress and BJP will face each other on election grounds. The Congress strength in the Assembly has gone up by 2 to become 123 while the magic figure of majority of just 116. After threatening the Congress to pull down its Government the BJP is cutting a very sorry figure for being in upside down position. After Karnataka and Goa and resignation of Mr.Rahul Gandhi the Congress appeared in depression and difficulties. Under such gloomy atmosphere the Kamal Nath moves against BJP is proving his skill as politician. He has turned the table on the BJP. Besides Government his leadership in the party is above all others in the state party. Mr.Jyotiraditya Scindia, Mr.Digvijay Singh, Mr.Kantilal Bhuria could not win the Lok Sabha seats, Ajay Singh lost in both Assembly and Lok Sabha election and Mr.Suresh Pachori could not win Bhojpur Assembly seat. Presently Mr.Kamal Nath is both Chief Minister and MP State Party President.

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