The last icon of Dravidian movement and politics Mr.M Karunanidhi passed away on August 7 at 6.10 pm in Kaveri Hospital at Chennai. The others were the founder of Dravidian social uplift movement EV Ramaswami Naiker who founded Dravid Kazhagam (DK) to launch movement of “Shudra (Dalit) against Brahmin caste. They remained Hindu but discarded all religious practices. They changed the marriage pattern as self respect marriage with simple exchange of garlands. But ironically the social reformer Mr.Naiker himself married a girl of very young age and when he was in old age. His follower led by CN Annadurai revolted against it and parted his company from DK and formed DMK and it was turned into from social and political party. Mr.Karunanidhi accepted the leadership of Annadurai and was Second in Command in the DMK party. In 1967 Anna ousted the Congress from the power in such a way that even to this day it could not stage comeback. Annadurai became the Chief Minister and after his death Mr.Karunanidhi become Chief Minister. But he could not carry on well in the party and Mr.M Ramachandran parted company from him and the DMK and formed another political party All India Anna Dravid Munetra Kazhagam. In election he ousted Karunanidhi and his DMK from power and he could come back so long Mr.Ramachandran was alive. But after his death there were rifts and tussles over leadership in the ADMK but Jayalalitha succeed in establishing her leadership and become Chief Minister. During this period the power shifted between Anna DMK and Karuna DMK many times. After Jayalalitha’s death there were infight in Anna DMK but now it is settled and at present Anna DMK is still in power there. But now in both the parties there is no towering leader. The leaders in both the parties are not the mass leaders. The film play dominant role in Tamil Nadu, Anna, Karuna, Ramachandran and Jayalalitha all top personalities in the films and came into politics from there. Now there appears to be a vacuum in political leadership in Tamil Nadu and Mr.Rajnikant and Mr.Kamal Hasan both as top film actors in Tamil cinema have already entered into politics by floating their own parties. They will try to come into politics in big way to fill the vacuum. Despite many ups and downs Karunanidhi’s leadership remain dominant and he was mass leader of big following. He had been Chief Minister for five times and won 13 Vidhan Sabha election without any break. Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi, Congress President Rahul Gandhi, Delhi Chief Minister Mr.Arvind Kejriwal, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee etc attended his last rites at Marina Beach where he was buried near the Anna Samadhi.

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