Kashmir has no solution: Natwar Singh


New Delhi,  Stating that Kashmir has no solution, as the triumph of one country would eventually lead to the fall of the other, former External Affairs Minister Natwar Singh on Thursday said that Indo-Pak relations are accident-prone, as neither India, nor Pakistan, are willing to let go of the past. Addressing the audience at the book launch of 'Indo-Pak Relations: Beyond Pulwama and Balakot,' the former senior bureaucrat said that if India agrees to give an acre of Kashmir's land to Pakistan, then its government will fall in no less than six months. Talking about Pakistan, he said it would meet the same fate, if it tried to pull up the same stunt.  "Therefore, the matter of Kashmir will remain the same in the long run," Mr Singh asserted. Authored by Dr Udai Vir Singh, a management consultant, the book talks about the fundamental causes of the Indo-Pak conflict - why it is difficult, if not impossible, to have peace between the two neighbours. It also explores the short spurt of Pulwama-Balakot stand-off or a game of one-upmanship. Nearly four-and-half months after shutting down its airspace, following the Balakot air strikes, normal air traffic operations between India and Pakistan resumed on Tuesday, as Islamabad opened its airspace for all civilian flights. The 88-year-old bureaucrat also believed that most of the Indo-Pak tension was the result of Pakistan's obsession with India.  "Pakistan wants to be taken seriously by its counterpart and when that doesn't happen, it gets annoyed." Referring to the historic win of BJP leader Narendra Modi as Prime Minister for the second term, the 1953 IFS officer, who had resigned from the service to contest elections as a member of the Indian National Congress, said, "Mr Modi made full use of both Pulwama and Balakot airstrike." He held that if these strikes had not taken place, then BJP would have only won 250 Lok Sabha seats, instead of the whopping 303, in the General Elections 2019.

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