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Katrina never leaves her house without doing this one thing


Ever wondered about the one makeup step that holds utmost importance in Katrina Kaif’s personal makeup routine? Considering how well-groomed her arches are, no points for guessing that it’s filling her brows. The actress and now entrepreneur confesses, “I have always been a fan of natural brows. Grooming and filling your brows, frames your face like nobody’s 

business.”However, what most women forget is that natural brows aren’t the same color throughout their length. Which is when Kat’s idea of ombré brows comes to play.To work those arches like the diva, we’d think her Kay Beauty Brow Pencil is a good place to begin. Start off with a darker shade - Chestnut. Use short hair-like strokes to define the outer end of your brow, start from the middle and go all the way to the tip. Now switch to a lighter tint – Hazelnut and use it to highlight the inner corner of your eye. Remember that the color payoff should range from light to dark from the inner corner to the outer tip.Psst, pay close attention that the transition between both the shades is smooth, so blend them well.

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