Kejriwal Vindicated


The Supreme Court Constitution 5 judge bench headed by the Chief Justice Mr.Dipak Mishra vindicated the stand of Chief Minister Mr.Arvind Kejriwal against the office of Lieutenant Governor of Delhi head by Mr.Najeeb Jang and now by Mr.Baijal both are retired IAS officers. The Supreme Court Judgment is censor and severe indictment of role of LG is not allowing a elected Government to function and putting hindrances and obstacles even its day to day working. In reality it is censor of Central Government of Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi. It virtually hijacked the Delhi State Government through LG. It is highly disgraceful on the part of Modi Government not to allow the elected State Government of Delhi to function and harass it constantly. The appointment and transfers made by the Kejriwal Government were rejected by the LG. Under the law only the Police, Law and order and land are central subject and solely under the execution and administration of LG alone to deal with on the instructions by the Central Government. The Supreme Court firmly said that apart from these three subject the LG has to work on the advice of Delhi Ministry of Chief Minister Kejriwal. It is elected Government and power and mendale are vested in it. The LG is not an independent authority and cannot over rule the decisions of the ministry or Vidhan Sabha. The LG should not interfere in the working of the Ministry.He has to go by its Advice. The Modi Government is indulging in political vendetta against the Kejriwal Government. The Aam Aadmi Party of Kejriwal gave thrashing defeats to BJP on the two Delhi Vidhan Sabha election. In the first Vidhan Sabha it was ahead with 28 against 18 of BJP and in another Mid Term General Election the BJP was reduced to only 3 and the AAP recorded massive win 67 seats. The BJP projected Kiran Bedi face of Chief Minister and she herself was also defeated. In a parliamentary democracy this type of political vengeance by the Central Government against a State Government is unpardonable. The Modi Government should apologize to Mr.Kejriwal. The judgment of Supreme Court is also applicable of other states headed by the LG like Goa and Pondicherry and on the North Eastern States. Constitutional institutions should not be impaired on different political identities.