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Kerala Devastation


The devastating flood situation is totally beyond any imagination and the Central Government should declared it as national calamity as it is really so. It is beyond the capacity of the State Government to be deal with such a gigantic catastrophe alone. The Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi after the aerial survey of the flood ravaged state announced Central assistance of Rs.500 crores. The initial assessment is of loss of Rs.25,000 crore. Other states also rushing financial assistance to it. The Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Central and State police all are pressed into rescue and relief service. Out of 13 districts of 11 districts smashed in very high flood devastation. The Kerala is generally getting heavy rains every year and they are accustomed of it. But this year in mere 17 days it rained 170 per cent more. All the dams are full and to save it from collapse in water pressure as a matter of routine the gates of dam opened. In Kerala it is 170 per cent more rains from the sky and on ground gates of all the 38 dams opened and turned the Kerala into a sea inside also. The State is compressed between the sky and dam waters with such a heavy water intake the rivers are overflowing. The Periyar river flood have turned the Kochhi and Trissur districts into sea. All roads are washed away. Truck transport is not possible and there is no supply by road of essential supplies like petrol, diesel and LPG. Once in Gujarat the dam of Morvi river was hit by lightening during the rainy season and caused wide opening in the dam. Within five minutes the entire Morvi city was washed away and nobody knew what and how it has happened. Since then it is general rule for the dams to open gates the moment it are full. Except capital Thiruvananthapuram entire State is under water. All the three armed and police forces are pushed into service there and rains are still continuing. About five lacs people are taking shelters in the relief camps. Many people are still trapped. The helicopters are making regular sorties to rescue the people and drop food packets. The entire agriculture is ruined and entire population of Kerala will require financial and all other relief for a long period. The Central Government should take over entire rehabilitation there under the national calamity. Now Kerala is national calamity and job of the entire nation to restore it.

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