Kidnapping Terror


The terrorism in Kashmir Valley has taken a new and serious turn in the overall situation. So far as it was going there as arms exchange between the Army – Para Military forces and terrorists and stone pelting on armed forces and mild action on them like pellet guns and Teargas shells. The stone pelting should not be taken lightly. It is a joint terrorism to give cover and support to terrorists. These should be firing on them. It has become a practice and tradition that on every Friday afternoon time Namaz the crowd will indulge in mob stone pelting on security forces. When the operation is named “all out” there should be all out action against the terrorists also. Stone pelting in outright attack on security forces. It is hypothesis of Modi Government that stone pelters are somewhat different from terrorists and ceasefire during festivals like Ramjan and Id. All out will succeed only when there are outright action also. Now the anti-India elements have given a new turn to terrorism by kidnapping the relatives of policemen serving in Jammu and Kashmir police to secure release of their relatives and stone pelters. They kidnapped 11 relatives of Kashmir policemen and released them after securing release of 6 relatives and 8 stone pelters. It is a very dangerous trend in the Valley terrorism. Of course we have to face it by accelerating the All Out operation with outright action against all terrorists without differentiating between the armed terrorists and stone pelters. Much earlier in terrorist activities twice planes were hijacked. Once four men hijacked a plane at Amritsar and it was blown off at Lahore airport of Pakistan. In retaliation the Government of India to Prime Minister Mr.Indira Gandhi immediately banned the over flight of Pakistan planes through the Indian Airspace to its East Pakistan, now known as Bangla Desh. Another time as Indian Airlines Kathmandu-New Delhi flight was hijacked in mid flight and taken to Lahore and then to Kandhar in Afghanistan, when it was under the occupation of Taliban. At that time they demanded release of terrorists held in Indian prison in Punjab and huge amount of money in ransom. The Prime Minister Mr.Atal Behari Vajpayee decided for the safety of passengers to release few terrorists and give ransom money. It was very humiliating for India but compulsion of the situation also.In the new form of “Kidnapping terrorism” the Government of India should take immediate decision to nip it in bud.