Kids’ stories of love


Chronicle Bhopal Valentine celebration with children! No need to be surprised as a child development organisation ‘Stories & Beyond’ made this believable by having a special storytelling session at its Arera colony center, with 3-15 years children on Monday. Contrary to the prevailing and popular concept of valentine celebration that it is only for adult couples, children dressed in red costumes following the dress code, made to know that love is for all and with love you can do wonders. The key team of organisation including Rekha Samal, Nidhi Agrawal and Amita Sarkari organised this event, where the professional storyteller Nidhi Agrawal moderated the session by narrating a well known and a world class story for children, ‘The Velveteen Rabbit’. In the story a toy rabbit gets alive by overwhelming emotions of its owner and describes the power of love. Along with this, children were exposed to the history and moral works of Saint Valentine also, on whose name the valentine festival is celebrated. Adding to the series of sessions, children improved their general knowledge with knowing about different typical traditions of valentine celebration of different countries. Like in America it is celebrated by gifting cards and chocolates, while in England, children use to dress like adults and preach people the ‘true love’ with songs.