Kim’s Moves


North Korean Ruler Kim Jong playing very tactical moves after proving and placing himself as leader of super nuclear power with capacity and capability of retaliating up to US if attacked. After meetings President of South Korea Mr Moon he told the World that he would start the nuclear test site by May. He conveyed through Mr Moon that he would give up nuclear weapon if the US vows not to invade North Korea. So far both Mr Kim and US President Trump threatening each other with nuclear attack on each other country. They even used abusive language for each other which were never used politically. In Political it is always preferred to talk to from the position of strength and Mr Kim has achieved it. He began his dialogue diplomacy from Mr Moon of South Korea responding to his invitation to visit South Korea with giving clear signs of uniting the both Koreas into one Korea. After the Second War in the occupation race the Soviet Union captured the North Korea and Allied Force under the US General Macarther captured the South Korea. With prolonged proxy war between Soviet Union and America, the country was ultimately divided into two nations, the North and South Korea like wise Germany and Vietnam were also divided as East Germany and West Germany and North and South Vietnam. The division of these nation were based in the alignment with America and Soviet Union. Now the Germany and Vietnam have come one nation and Korea is moving on that depiction. Mr Kim has also offered to hold talk with Japanese Prime Minister Mr Abe. The meeting between Mr Kim and Trump is also decided on principle and likely to be held next month perhaps in Mangolia or Singapore. As a gesture Mr Kim has said he may invite the nuclear weapons expets from South Korea and the US to observe and impact its nuclear test sites. One time the situation between Mr Kim and Mr Trump took such a serious term that World feared that war may break out between North Korea and America and South Korea. In the proposed Korean unification Mr Kim will have upper hand being super military power itself while South Korea is having military patronage of US with 25,000 troops are posted there. While the Germany and Vietnam have united in to one nation and Koreans are moving on that direction. But two nations were divided in recent time. The South Suden became separate Christain nation out of Muslim Sudan. Similarly East Timor became separate Christian nations out of Muslim Indonesia.

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