Labour Welfare


The Chief Minister Mr.Shivraj Singh Chouhan has launched an economic welfare scheme for the labour class of unorganized sector. Their registration has started from April 1 to 14. During the Congress led UPA regime a gigantic labour oriented scheme MANREGA was launched and it is considered world’s biggest rural employment schemes. It organized the most unorganized rural labouers under the fold of it instantly and rural wages are also enhanced equal to MANREGA wages. Many farmers grudged that due to MANREGA employment they were not getting farm labourers for agricultural purposes. Initially there were incidents of false job cards, work by contractors, lower under art of wages etc. But later with social debit and payments through post office or bank, were made. These days there are no references, about the works of under the MANREGA. It is appears as if there are no more MANREGA works are going on. Under labour welfare scheme the State Government must not ignore the MANREGA a world class unique labour welfare scheme.Under the state labour scheme every year one lakh of labourers wil get loan for self employment.