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Land Diversion


The great relief is provided to owner of agricultural land in getting its diversion for other purposes. So far the permission of the court of SDM – Revenue was necessary. Now the land owners can divert his or her land anyway he likes. They are now themselves calculate the amount of land revenue and the amount of premium payable for diversion purposes and deposit it. The receipt for the payment will be treated as proof of diversion. There are changes in the procedure of demarcation also. The land demarcation are done by the office of Tehsildars.Now if the party is not satisfied with the decision of Tehsildar he can appeal against it to the SDM, who will get the demarcation done by the team of specialists. The assistance will be taken of private authorized agencies to settle cases of demarcation. In the land records and urban land management now the name of the sector will be given instead of Patwari area. Now the proceedings of the land survey will be undertaken by the collectors and entire district will not be notified for revenue survey.

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