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Law Relaxed


Generally it is considered that to curb a crime strict law and punishment is required but in Madhya Pradesh in such condition the law is relaxed. To deter the people from encroaching upon Government land the penalty was made heavy, it was 20 per cent of the value of the land. The Government thought that this measure has not succeeded in preventing the encroachment or penalty was recovered. Now the Government has decided to lower the penalty to one lakh of rupee only. Considering it is practical amount and recoverable. Now all the Government or private land have become very costly and cost of land is going up very rapidly. In such a situation lower the penalty amount to mere one lakh will appear as nominal rent and not penalty and will encourage the people to encroach more on land. The encroachers are criminals and mafia for them lowering the penalty amount is like incentive to indulge more and more encroachments upon the land. The penalty should have increased and should have been confiscation of their property and long jail term.

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