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Like Pandavas Cong will fight for truth, and win: Rahul


Agencies, New Delhi The 84th Plenary session of Congress on Sunday ended with party president Rahul Gandhi, in a clarion call to party workers, likening his party to the ‘Pandavas,’ designed to fight for the truth and called on them to work together for victory in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Delivering his address on the concluding day of the two-day plenary session of Congress, Mr Gandhi, comparing the present political scenario with the battle of Kurukshetra, likened the BJP to ‘Kauravas’ and the Congress to the ‘Pandavas’, and said like the ‘Paddavas,’ his party would fight for the truth and win the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. ‘’Centuries ago, there was a huge battle on the field of Kurukshetra. The Kauravas were powerful and arrogant. The Pandavas were humble and fought for the truth. Like the Kauravas, the BJP and the RSS are designed to fight for power. Like the Pandavas, Congress will fight for the truth,” he said, amid applause from party workers. Coming down heavily on Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the issue of corruption, Mr Gandhi said the name ‘Modi’ actually symbolised the collusion between India’s biggest crony capitalists and the Prime Minister of India. ‘’Nirav Modi, who carried out India’s biggest theft, has the same name as PM...What does Modi actually mean. It symbolises the collusion between India’s biggest crony capitalist and Prime Minister. Modi gives another Modi Rs 30,000 crore of your money and in turn, Modi gives Modi money for marketing Modi and fighting elections. Today, the corrupt and powerful completely control the conversation in our country,’’ he said. Expressing confidence over the Congress winning the 2019 polls, he said there was a wave across the country against Mr Modi and BJP, which had left the PM worried. ‘’BJP has been losing election after election, and this has ‘brought about a change in Modiji’s face. The suit is gone. He is thinking that somehow, they managed to win Gujarat. And he must be thinking that they will not be able to go through in 2019,’’ the Congress chief said. Appealing to party leaders to avoid infighting, at least till the Lok Sabha polls, Mr Gandhi said ‘’Fight (among yourselves), but after the elections. Please.’’ Rahul said that people had higher expectations from the Congress, than from BJP. ‘’Congress can never be like BJP. India expects more from the Congress, because it holds us to a higher standard than any other party. People of this country will accept a man accused of murder as BJP president. They will accept a man drunk with power in the BJP, but will never accept the same in the Congress. ‘’Congress understands deeply that we are for truth. The public will punish us, if we do not match up to the standards. India will punish us if we do nothing but make a grab for power. This is because BJP is voice of a organisation, while Congress is the voice of the nation,’’ he added. In this context, he said that in the last years of the previous UPA governmet, the Coingress did not stand up to the expectations of the people which is why they were punished by the people in 2014. * In the last few years of our last government, we did not stand up to the expectations of the people of our country. The people of India felt let down by us,’’Rahul said. Stressing the need for a change in the Congress organisation, he said,’’the organisation needs to change. We have to change Congress. “On the occasion he stressed the need to break the wall between the Congress workers and the leaders."

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