Live101 teams up with Meet Bros to launch first live entertainer on demand platform


New Delhi, Live101 and Meet Bros have come together to launch a one-of-its-kind marketplace platform to book live entertainers for any event or occasion in India.  The platform will help cut down the daunting process of hiring a live artist with utter ease. With Meet Bros onboard as partners, they will help manage, mentor and curate the right talent for every budget. The platform provides an effective and secure booking service, with a talent pool of over 1400 entertainers such as Singers, Musicians, Comedians, DJs, MCs and more that caters to every occasion right from weddings to corporate events, to family functions to birthday’s or house parties and a lot more. The Live101 team believes that no matter what, the show must always go on and with efficient last minute backups, Live101 ensures of a delightful celebration without any cancellations or interruptions. All artists listed on Live101 portal go through a rigorous selection process, from auditions to guidance and other quality checks before they are listed on the platform. This will allow customers to confidently choose from the available artists on the platform. Young and upcoming artists will be mentored by Meet Bros for genres such as Bollywood, English, Sufi, Jazz, Instrumental, Acoustic and Karaoke. The platform will benefit Common Folks, Event Organizers, Wedding Planners, Corporates, Restaurant and Lounge Owners, 5 Star Hotels and anyone who is looking to hire a live Entertainer. Sachin Bhandari, Co-Founder and Director, Live101 said,'Live101 is committed to provide quality work through its finest artists listed on the platform. Having Meet Bros as our partner will give the artists a chance to mentor and train under them. Our team is well prepared and experienced to cope up with any unexpected circumstances. With an increasing number of talents, this platform can be the right choice for artists and customers who are looking to hire Live entertainers for their events.'