Local Goondas


In Madhya Pradesh urban areas everywhere but mostly in slum and jhuggi areas individual or gang of ruffians are commiting crimes of theft, loot, assault, rape, murder, dacoity and all sorts of crimes. They are mostly vagabond addict to liquor, drugs and gamblings. They are harassing people having small business like gumtis, hard cart and doing small jobs for earning. These ruffians are asking for extration money from them for liquor, drugs and gambling. Recently one such criminal asked from minibus driver to pay him for liquor and on refusal he killed him with stone hit. In the Habibganj gang rape case the two such vagabonds were sitting there to loot someone for money but unfortunately a girl got trapped there. With such ruffians lottering in all the cities nobody is safe and secure. The police nicknamed them as local goondas of committing small crimes. But their meance has grown and spread out so much that the number of theft and loots are increasing everyday. When caught they are sentenced for a short term in jail and the day they come out they indulge in crime again on their some day.