Local musicians inspire Farhan Akhtar


New Delhi, Farhan Akhtar has visited 72 colleges from 150 cities. Farhan Akhtar Live has taken over 150 cities across the world which included Mauritius, Singapore, the US,Australia, Kenya, Middle East and the United Kingdom. Farhan who is known to perform across the globe has visited several cities in India.The huge fan following that Farhan has, has moved him to a lot of extents.Farhan is very overwhelmed with the response that he has got through his generous initiative. Wherever, Farhan has travelled for shows he always loves to interact with the local musicians and artists of that city or town. The local music has so much depth and innovation in it that it has become an inspiration for Farhan. Every town and city in India’s interiors boast with different kinds and types of musicians. Interacting with their idol Farhan gives them also an opportunity to understand music for him. Farhan Akhtar Live was initiated to support 'MARD' which is a social campaign launched by Farhan. Farhan's lawyer Pallavi Purkayasth was brutally raped and murdered which led to the foundation of 'MARD' in August 2012.During city tours for 'MARD' Farhan takes time out and interacts with artists who share the common live for music. The actor regards these interactions as enriching and inspiring as the discussions often lead to Farhan gaining deeper insights into music and instruments.