Long Term to Laloo


In two of the fodder case Laloo Yadav was given long sentence of 14 years – 7 year in each case but the sentence will run separately. So the fine of Rs.30 lakh in each case will mount Rs.60 lakh. There are many cases each related to illegal withdrawal from different Government treasuries. Currently 6 cases are before the CBI Court at Ranchi in Jharkhand. He is convicted and sentenced in five cases with fines and one last case is pending but soon to be decided. But much earlier to it Laloo Yadav faced such music in two more cases in the fodder scam. In the first case decision he had to step down from the post of Bihar Chief Minister and sent to Behur jail in Patna. He managed to install his wife Mrs.Rabri Devi as Chief Minister. On filing appeal and getting bail and stay on sentence he shifted to politics at Centre and got elected to Lok Sabha. In Congress led Government he become Rail Minister and manipulated the rail affairs in such a cunning way that he showed that Railways that were running in losses become profit earning undertaking. But in subsequent election the number of RJD Lok Sabha MPs were reduced to mere four and he was not inducted on further Cabinet. In the year 2013 in one of the fodder case he was convicted and sentenced to five year jail term. As the sentence was more than 2 years, he lost his Lok Sabha membership and disqualified to contest further election. In the case he filed appeal and secured bail. The Supreme Court directed the CBI Court to decide all the fodder cases within the time frame. Another Bihar ex-Chief Minister of Congress regime Mr.Jagannath Mishra was also convicted in some fodder cases and is inside the jail. But in some cases Mr.Mishra is exonerated of the charges. One more Ex-Chief Minister is also inside a jail on corruption case. Mr.Omprakash Chautala of Haryana found indulged in corruption in the selection and appointment of teachers and sentenced to jail. He is lodged in Delhi Tihar Jail. Earlier also many parties removed charged or asked its chief ministers to step down on such charges. But it all remained inner party affairs either on corruption charges and on group politics. But none of then convicted and sent to jail. In Madhya Pradesh a court judgment passed severe structures against Chief Minister Mr.Arjun Singh in a distillery case reflecting in his honesty and integrity as Chief Minister. He party removal him from the Chief Ministership and accommodated at the Centre. During the Janata Party regime his party asked Mr.Virendra Kumar Sakhlecha to step down on corruption charges against him. On such complaints the Congress removed Chief Minister Mr.Pratap Singh Kairon, Darbara Singh in Punjab, Bakshi Gulam Mohammad in Kashmir, Mr.Nilangekar and Mr.Abdul Rahman Antulay in Maharashtra, Mr.Madan Lal Khurana the Chief Minister of Delhi himself stepped down on Hawala allegation. But later Mr.Antulay and Mr.Khurana were totally cleared of all the charges holding it false and unsustainable and both were acquitted honorably. But both of them could not return or resume their offices of Chief Minister in Maharashtra and Delhi. But the cases of Omprakash Chautala and Laloo Yadav are totally different. Anyhow Laloo Yadav has declared to go into appeal against his conviction. The cases with go through the another process of law further.