Low Paid Employees


The low paid employees of the State Government – the guest teachers, Aaganwadi workers, helpers, public health workers, Usha and Asha workers, meter readers, motivators cook have invaded the capital Bhopal in huge numbers to have their demands conceded. They are not being paid honorarium regularly and other benefit of being employees.They are all the time treated as temporary or casual employees. What they want is that their services be regularized and instead of honorarium they be paid salaries and other benefits. The guest teachers have a very just and genuine demand that instead of recruiting new teachers their status and services should be converted as permanent teachers. First they should be considered for the job of permanent Government teachers. This demand be accepted and justice must be done to them. All these low paid employees of various jobs are really grass root employees giving real public service at the low payments. All should be made permanent and be put on regular salaries.