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Lynching Crimes


In recent time at several places on the plea of cow killing and abduction of children senseless agitated violent mob killed many people by thrashing them on roads. They took the law in to their hand. They themselves held such persons guilty and also awarded death sentence. In first case of this type occurred in Gujarat. A particular caste among dalit do the traditional job of de-skinning the dead animal on payment from the owner of the dead animal. Two such persons who were carrying a caracus of cows were taken by the mobs as if they had slaughter the cow and lynched them in a day light road crime. About 70 such incidents occurred in the country in which 30 persons were killed. Another mob lynching occurred as the rumor of child lifting by some persons and gangs in Jharkhand and other places also. The Supreme Court has taken a strict view of such criminality of killing people in mob violence. The Supreme Court said that mobocracy cannot be allowed to become “new normal”. The Supreme Court had recommended that Parliament make a separate law to curb mob lynching. The Court has asked the Centre and State Government to discharge their constitutional responsibility to protect people and maintain constitutional duly of maintaining the law and order to ensure peace and protect the secular ethos. Those who are indulging in violence as criminals need stern punishments to preserve rule of law in pluralistic society. Horrible act of mobocracy cannot be permitted to inundate the law and order of the land. The State cannot turn deaf ear to such lawlessness and mob ruling over civilized society. The Court said that lynching was no ordinance crime and needed special Law. If asked the Government to comply with the court directives within four week and in next month of August the courts would review the situation. There should be monitoring at district level with the Officer of Police SP as Nodal Officer in each district. Special task force to gather intelligence about element and situation. The Director General of Police and Home Secretary to review the situation.The State should pay compensation to victims within 30 days.

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